1. Sakri is the largest solar power plant in Shivajinagar, Maharashtra
  2. Executed for Maha Genco, successfully commissioned in 2013 and maintaining by MEIL
  3. The plant is spread in 422 acres and deployed two types of technologies
  4. This unique 125MW solar power project executed with crystalline and thin-film technology
  5. 50 MW power integrated with the Maha Genco grid and generating 83 MU of power per year
  6. Sakri is one of the most favourable places for solar power generation in India
  7. Sakri is the MEIL's signature plant, established with 4lakh solar modules, 80,000 foundations, 96 inverters, and 120LT/HT panels
  8. 2000 km of cables, over 10 lakh interconnections
  9. This project is one of the best solar power plants in the world