1. Laddakh Joji- La Pass Tunnel and road construction works
  2. Construction of 33 km of road in a more complex climatic and geographical terrain
  3. Road widening and excavation of twin tunnels are part of the road work
  4. The tunnel construction is below the 700 meters to the ground level
  5. MEIL has stood at L-1 in the financial bidding
  6. Construction of 18.50 km long road in the first section
  7. In the second stage, excavation of 14.15 km long tunnels
  8. Construction of the road from Srinagar to Laddakh-Leh area for a smooth travel
  9. Once this road completed, Srinagar-Ladakh route will be open for all seasons. 
  10. This road is one of the most strategic highways in terms of the country's security