1. Yet another prestigious drip irrigation project in Karnataka
  2. Irrigation water supply to 33,591 acres
  3. 26,000 Farmer will benefit
  4. Water lifting from the main canal of Upper Bhadra project
  5. Establishing 11 pump houses to provide water to the agriculture fields
  6. 3047 kilometres pipeline laid for the project
  7. 11KV substations established for power requirements.
  8. New technology used for water utilisation
  9. Technology to determine and control the water for the fields
  10. The farmers will benefit in many ways and easy water management
  11. Will reduce fertiliser consumptions, labour cost and very low weeds
  12. Very high yield and good profits for farmers
  13. Every year farmers can reap the benefits of 2 to 3 sowings
  14. The project works have taken up with Isreal company - Netafim