1. Works are at brisk pace to realize the decades long dream
  2. Engineers and workers working rigorously to unveil the MEIL's miracle
  3. Spillway and Spill channel works are going on at brisk pace
  4. Upper and Lower Cofferdam and ECRF works going on war footing basis
  5. Polavaram project site looks busy with MEIL's machinery and heavy cranes
  6. Boom placers placed to do concrete works to the 63 metres height
  7. Boom placer machine can execute 90 cubic metres work in an hour
  8. These Machines are used first time in India
  9. MEIL deployed Telebelt-200 machines at Polavaram Site
  10. There are only 3 Telebelt-200 in the world, and this is the first in Asia
  11. Telebelt-200 can execute over 200 Cubic metres work in one hour
  12. VO:The main aim of the Polavaram project is to stop the Godavari flood merging with the sea and make
  13. the state prosperous. To achieve this goal, MEIL executing the project works on fast track mode. The
  14. proposal to construct the project came in 1941 when the British ruling the country at Ramaiahpeta
  15. village in Polavaram Mandal in West Godavari district. In 2004, then chief minister Mr YS Rajashekhar
  16. Reddy initiated this project under Jala Yagnam. The central government declared this as a national
  17. project under State Reorganization Act.
  18. After YS Jaganmohan Reddy became the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, MEIL bagged the project in
  19. reverse tendering process by saving Rs 838.51 crore to the exchequer. MEIL is executing the works as
  20. per the engineering manual and according to the plan. Chief Minister YS Jagan drawn an action plan to
  21. complete this prestigious project by December 2021. This action plan is designed to complete the
  22. spillway, spill channel and upper and lower cofferdams in a coordinated manner. The works are going on
  23. at a brisk pace according to the action plan. The state government is able to get the long-pending
  24. approvals for designs from Central Water Commission (CWC). With these approvals, it has become an
  25. easy task to take up the works.
  26. Even the Coronavirus spread, the works did not stop. With the lockdown by the central and state
  27. governments, the workers from Bihar, Odisha and other states went back to their native places. The
  28. state government and the MEIL have instilled confidence to 2000 workers and bring them back to work.
  29. MEIL is taking every step to protect them from the Coronavirus. The spillway and spill channel works are
  30. back on track and planning to complete by May 2021.
  31. VO: MEIL deployed the proclainers and other heavy machinery to excavate the thousands of tons of soil.
  32. The blocks construction is continuing in the spillway with concrete mixers and rollers for suppressing
  33. sand and gravel. Each block will have hundreds of cubic metres work. The works are going on to
  34. complete at least 20 blocks per day.
  35. VO: In the upper cofferdam, the remaining 35.83 lakh cubic metres of works begun in November last
  36. year. MEIL designed a plan to complete the remaining 22.09 lakh cubic metres work of lower cofferdam
  37. by July 2021. The works aimed to divert the water to Godavari delta for Kharif and Rabi seasons. The
  38. 117.69 lakh cubic metres work of the earth cum rockfill dam between upper and lower cofferdam
  39. targeted to complete by December 2021. MEIL is constructing the 2454 metres long earth cum rockfill
  40. dam across the Godavari River between three hills. This is the world's longest rock dam on sand.
  41. VO: The Three Gorges project in China has the largest spillway with a capacity to release 37 lakh Cusecs
  42. of water. Now, MEIL is constructing the spillway which can release 50 lakh Cusecs of floodwater to the
  43. downstream. The works of constructing of spillway pillars at 52 metres height and fixing the gudders will
  44. begin very soon. The slab works will be taken up on them. After that, the earth cum rockfill dam gap-1
  45. and gap-3 works will be taken up.
  46. GFX Points
  47. Polavaram Project proposal came first in 1941 during the British regime
  48. Central Government has given national status to Polavaram project
  49. MEIL bagged the project works under reverse tendering process
  50. Reverse Tendering process saved Rs.838.51 crores to the Exchequre
  51. Action Plan drawn to complete this prestigious project by December 2021
  52. CWC has approved the long pending project designs
  53. Heavy machinery, Proclainers deployed at project site to excavate tons of soil
  54. Remaining 35.83 Lakh Cu.M concrete works began in November, 2019
  55. Remaining 22.09 Lakh Cu.M concrete works of Lower Cofferdam to be completed by July 2021
  56. MEIL constructing 2454 metres long Earth-cum-Rockfill dam across the Godavari River
  57. This is world’s longest Rock dam on sand dunes
  58. China’s Three Gorges Dam has capacity to release 37 Lakh Cu.Secs water
  59. Polavaram spillway has a capacity to release 50 Lakh Cusecs flood water