1. Additional 1 TMC works in Kaleshwaram link-1 are near completion
  2. 15 new machines establishing in 3 centres in Link-1
  3. The aim is to pump 3 TMC of water from Laxmi barrage to Sripadasagar
  4. 2 TMC pumping capacity works completed in Laxmi, Saraswathi & Parvathi pump houses
  5. Additional 1 TMC works in all centres are at a brisk pace
  6. 6 Machines and their pipeline works are close to completion
  7. 2 TMC capacity with eight machines already in utilization in Saraswathi pump house
  8. 4 Machines works for another 1 TMC are at war footing
  9. Pipeline, pressure main works to supply water
  10. 9 Machines works in Parvathi pump house previously completed
  11. 2 TMC pumping capacity per day under utilization
  12. Installation of 5 machines for additional 1 TMC pumping at the final stage
  13. Pressure mains are getting ready for these machines