1. Laxmi pump house inaugurated by Telangana Chief Minister Sri. K. Chandrashekhar Rao
  2. Record level of water pumping done by Laxmi pump house
  3. 61.44TMC of water pumped in the first year by Laxmi pump house
  4. Water pumping from Laxmi to Saraswathi pump house
  5. 11 machines pumping performed successfully in 6 phases
  6. The third machine pumped highest 7.64 TMC of water
  7. The third machine pumped water for 1003 hours
  8. 2TMC water pumping per day capacity completely utilised
  9. The 11 machines together pumped the water for 8063 hours
  10. 25 TMC of water pumped during November-December 2019
  11. Full-fledged water pumping during November-March 2020 in 3 phases by 11 machines