1. The drinking water trouble has been eliminated in PM Mr Narendra Modi’s Constituency.
2. Water problems solved by MEIL in the most prestigious constituency in the country
3. MEIL has constructed an intake well with a capacity of 200MLD on the holy Ganga river.
4. A water treatment plant with 100MLD capacity established at Saranath
5. 3 Machines were established to pump water from the treatment plant.
6. MEIL constructed 25 overhead tanks to supply water to all areas in Varanasi constituency.
7. MEIL set up 30 clear water pump houses as part of this project.
8. Established electrical substations, laboratory building and water testing labs at water treatment centre.
9. Erected PSP and DI pipelines for raw water. 228KM pipeline to supply the water
10. MEIL undertook the project for Varanasi Nagar Nigam.
11. Prime Minister dedicated this project to the nation on 15th February 2019.
12. MEIL has taken up maintenance responsibility for two years