1. HNSS is yielding wealth for Rayalaseema people
2. HNSS lift irrigation scheme has turned into a boon for Rayalaseema
3. 184 TMCs of water lifted by MEIL in this scheme
4. MEIL established a mega pumping station in Malyala in Kurnool district
5. Water evacuating to Ananthapur and Chittoor districts by Madakasira and Pungnur branch canals
6. MEIL constructed pumping stations role has become very crucial
7. Malyala pump house evacuating Srisailam backwater to Jeedipally reservoir in Ananthapur district. 
8. Krishnagiri and Ragulapadu pump houses are key in water evacuation between Malyala to Jeedipally
9. Water lifting by 96 machines in 8 pump houses between Malyala and Ragulapadu
10. Machines with a capacity of 4MW to 60MW lifting water to 210.55 meters height