1. With HNSS second phase Ananthapur and Chittoor districts have become fertile lands.
2. Krishna River water reached Punganur in Chittor district from Malyala in Kurnool district
3. HNSS project executed by MEIL and successfully operating
4. A beautiful waterfront Malyala to Punganur
5. MEIL provided a lifeline to drought-prone Rayalaseema with HNSS.
6. MEIL evacuating Srisailam backwater to Kurnool, Ananthapur and Chittoor districts without wastage a drop of water
7. The second phase is between Jeedipally reservoir to Adavipally reservoir of 338km distance
8. Water pumping to 565 km distance with 269 Machines in 43 pumping stations is a record by MEIL
9. Irrigation water for 4 lakh acres in Ananthapur and Chittoor districts with