1. MEIL's Malyala PH is the heart of the Handri-Neeva
2. Malyala PH playing a key role in water lifting too far away Neeva river
3. Successfully water-lifting since its inception
4. 269 machines in 43 pump houses depend on Malyala Pumping station
5. Malyala Pumping station evacuating the water to the 874 to 1447 feet height.
6. Water lifting with 12 Machines with 9.56 cumecs capacity in Malyala Pumping station
7. Each machine's capacity is 5MW. Pumphouse total capacity is 60MW
8. Water travelling 565km from Malyala pump house
9. The project has the highest number of pump houses
10. MEIL achieved a world record by establishing 269 machines in HNSS
11. MEIL constructed 19 pump houses under Madakasira Branch canal