1. Handri-Neeva is fulfilling the water needs of drought-prone Penna river belt areas. 

2. MEIL has made it possible by supplying Krishna River water to non-tributary areas. 

3. Once dried rivers Chitravathi, Papagni, Mandavya, Bahuda and Cheyyeru are now rejuvenated with Handri-Neeva water lifting. 

4. MEIL lifting the flood water and additional water flowing into the sea to the upstream.  

5. MEIL is lifting the Krishna river water to 572 feet altitude. 

6. MEIL to pump the water into Gargeya, Vedavathi, Palaru and Neeva rivers 

7. Water lifting with 43 pumping stations and 269 machines 

8. In the first phase, 8 water-lifting centres in Kurnool and Ananthapur Districts 

9. 96 machines in these two districts continuously pumping the water.  

10. In the second phase, 3 pumping stations with  21 machines were established.  

11. 19 Machines began water pumping

12. The aim of this project is to supply irrigation water to 6 lakh acres.