1. Anekal Lift Irrigation Scheme is the most unique and rare scheme in the country.

2. The objective of this project is to lift the purified water from KC Valley sewage treatment plants.

3. The target is to fill the 69 ponds in Anekal and Kanpura taluks with 120 million liter of water.

4. The works began on 10th July 2017. 70 percent of the work executed as of December 2019.

5. The project intends at raising ground water levels in drought prone areas, rejuvenating the wells and bores. 

6. MEIL built two big pumping houses for these purposes.

7. Established 9 machines with 560KW capacity

8. MEIL has built two sub-stations with a capacity of 66KV to supply the power to pump house.

9. A 97 km pipeline laid adjacent to the main roads for evacuation of purified water.

10. MEIL used the special pipes which will not be decayed and have the longest life

11. Israel is the only country in the wo