1. Kondapochamma is one of the most important reservoirs in the prestigious Kaleshwaram project. 

2. The reservoir has been constructed at Prgnapur, Gowraram near Hyderabad.

3. The works taken up by MEIL are near completion.

4. 15 works including two pumphouses, two delivery cisterns, syphon, head regulator are in this package

5. Out of 21kms of canal length, Approach is 10.5km and the remaining 10.5km is Gravity canal

6. Excavation and lining works of canals are near completion

7. Electro-mechanical and pipeline works are in fast track mode.

8. This project’s specialty is having the highest and massive non-overflow.

9. MEIL has completed all the civil works in a record time of 13 months.

10. Six machines in each pump house and each machine capacity in the first pump house 27 MW. The second pump house machines capacity is 34MW each.