Assam Renewal Project is the largest project of maharatna company ONGC. This project will reduce the dependence on oil imports drastically. The project is aimed to replace the ageing system and modernise with sophisticated technology. MEIL successfully complete the project and is ready for commercial operations. 

With this Assam Renewal Project The ONGC’s crude oil and natural gas production to be doubled. The production capacity to increase from 1.03 crore barrels to 1.83 barrels. With the ultra-modern technology, the pipeline length reduced to 560kms from 800kms. It also reduced the complexities. These efforts reduced the cost of operations and to benefit ONGC.

MEIL has constructed 5 gas gathering stations, 2 water treatment plants, 2 water injection plants and a compressed gas storage facility. MEIL also constructed the critical gas dehydration unit to gas conditioning. It also builds an eco-friendly effluents treatment plant.

With the focus on future needs, MEIL built the gas gathering station with sophisticated technology. The gas gathering station at Lakhva dedicated to the nation recently. The project brought in to the commercial operations after completion of trial run on 26th December 2019.